Tuesday, November 14, 2017

An Odd Fall

We didn't have much of a fall season here this year. The weather stayed mild longer than usual and the trees were slow to change. They did eventually get their bright colors but it was for a much shorter time before they faded to shades of brown and yellow. I did snap a few shots so there would be a record of Fall 2017....

Friday, November 10, 2017

Who Cued a Queue?

It is important to be properly spaced and properly ordered when waiting in line....

Corgi, Brittany, Corgi, Brittany.....Noses down!

There's always one who lags behind!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wilson's Winnings on Wordless Wednesday

Jimmy is usually the recipient of my performance praises. He is a high drive boy who loves to work. But before I even had Jimmy, there was Wilson doing his best! He may not have had Jimmy's love of agility, but he loved to please and earned plenty of ribbons himself......

On the left, Agility. Top right three, Herding, and lower right, Rally.

Jimmy's thinking "Just wait til she does MY post like this!!!"

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Biergarten

The same old walks near my house got very boring after a while so we started loading the boys into my car and driving to other areas of my neighborhood.  It's a planned community and has lots of paved trails and common areas. A five minute drive in any direction gets us to new paths and a change of scenery and for the boys, new smells! One of the favorites is to park at the Sports Pavilion that is next to a lake and walk those trails. It's a popular place to walk so lots of dogs and p-mail to check out! The walk around the lake is too long for Wilson so we cut back through an adjacent condo neighborhood to shorten the return to the car. We have taken this path several times and each time, Wilson has tried very hard to cross a street and head toward a shopping center. It wasn't in the right direction and was not where you really want to walk dogs, pavement and cars and all that. One day, just for the fun of it, we decided to let Wilson lead the way, and find out where he really wanted to go! He crossed the street, meandered through a bunch of parked cars, and came to the backside of the shopping center at an archway that lead to two restaurants. Leave it to Wilson to find where the food is located! He plopped himself down on the walkway between an Irish pub style place with a patio and a German restaurant with a Biergarten outside. Happy he finally got his way, he sat and people-watched until we finally made him return to the car. Letting him go check it out really re-enforced the behavior, so now he tries to cross the street and get to the restaurants any time we take the lake walk. A picture was an absolute must!

I'd like a struedel and a pretzel and a stein of beer.
My friend here will have a schnitzel and a bratwurst.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Story of the Stick

I have a friend who likes to make wall art from pieces of driftwood combined with other natural materials she finds.  I had been keeping an eye out for anything I might see when we were out on our jetski, either in Myrtle Beach or more locally on the Potomac. Most of what I saw was either the wrong size or too far gone to make use of. Out on the river one day, I found a short branch that had obviously suffered the strangling grip of a vine. It had turned that nice gray color of driftwood and was a short piece I could easily bring home. I threw it in the back of John's SUV when we got back and promptly forgot all about it! A few days later John went out to do something and took Jimmy along for the ride. When they got back, Jimmy came strutting into the kitchen, proudly carrying my stick! Of course I wasn't expecting this so I have no photo, but rest assured, Jimmy was just as pleased as he could be!

He ran to his bed where he would have happily chewed the stick to pieces. I didn't let that happen, but of course I got pictures before I relieved him of his prize! I guess this stick won't make it to being art!

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